Monday, August 6, 2012

Glyos Vinyl Starcraft Battlecruiser Custom Build Will Astound

There are countless custom figures built off of Glyos, but once in a while you see a build that really makes good on the promise of the Onell Design products being inspired by the likes of LEGO sets.

While browsing the October Toys forums-- which is where pretty much all Glyos life comes from other than Volkria-- is this astonishing creation.  You can see it here and mentally total up  how much this nifty thing costs.

To the creator Rez: you do good work, sir.

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  1. Holy crap, don't know how I missed this post (seriously) but thanks for posting it all the same! I've read your sites in one way or another since I had a computer, and after this popped up during a google image search I did a little dance. It has since been totally connected(there's 5 or 6 loose pieces in the picture just to give the right look).

    ..I realize no one will probably ever see this, but I had to post all the same! There's more pictures of this beast in the "Purist Build" thread at October Toys! Thanks for the kind words.