Saturday, August 25, 2012

Banimon Update: Gotta Catch 'Em All This September

The Planet Banimon blog has a short update about their new Glyos-compatible mini figures.

The little guy's head is about the size of a normal Glyos figure, and we are told they should be coming in the back half of September.

I certainly can't wait to see more and availability permitting, we'll be picking up a set of these to review so you know if they're worth it.  Just looking at it, I certainly believe they will be worth picking up.


  1. I am always excited for more Glyos-compatible fully production figures, and I'm totally buying a few of these little guys to army build with & use for parts. I know one of my Armovors will be getting a weapon or 2 made out of these guys. Can't wait to see them in their official colors too.

  2. THe blog said apocalypse colorscheme on the way! That's a nice one:

  3. Ooooo that'll be pretty slick then, that black plastic & red detail lines will really pop on these little figures. I wonder A) how many pieces they are and B) how much will they cost?