Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: Heavy Armored Rig Relgost Wing Divison

See this? You can't have one. I know that's obnoxious but the huge popularity of the Heavy Armored Rig Relgost Wing Divison caused it to sell out in about an hour and change. The exact run is unknown, presumed to be in the hundreds, and went so fast that apparently there weren't even enough for eBay-- at press time, none have appeared on the auction site. Previous versions of the Rig were made in new colors and rereleased, so while it's likely a Wing Rig could be in your future, this Wing Rig will not be one of them. It's so oddly neat-- the design and coloring feel like something out of a late-1980s Japanese toy and hobby magazine, the kind of thing you just can't find in a store these days.

Monday, September 26, 2011

1Shot Toys Gets Ready for Glyoween's Dead Harvest

Our pals from 1Shot Toys have turned us on to Glyoween, a new set of low-run figures he's doing for Halloween! Each figure has a unique pumpkin head plus a specially decorated red Glyan body. Each figure is $20 plus $5 shipping, and more details will follow. I assume they will be sold here when the time comes, but stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finkerbot, Bio Jumper Packaging from THEGODBEAST

A massive post at THEGODBEAST Customs showcases pretty much every packaged Finkerbot and Bio Jumper there is! The former has a charming robotic illustration, while the latter is vibrant, colorful, and equally awesome for different reasons.

As always, this is worth checking out! More updates are likely on deck, so keep a-checkin'.

THEGODBEAST Customs Reveals Awesome Beetle Vinyl

THEGODBEAST Customs have revealed Kabuto Mushi DX, a larger beetle figure seemingly more in scale with Rigs and Armodocs. No word yet on when, if, or how it will be released but it certainly looks spectacular!

...and huge. Like, really bug. Er, big.

Made In China

The Onell Design crew has made a trip to China, and they're posting pictures of food, new toys, and other fun stuff. Even fish. It's well worth checking out, particularly exciting are what I assume to be blue and yellow Glyans! Check it all out!

Review: Norisar Ambush Callgrim

One of the many nice things about ordering figures is that every once in a while, you get more than you pay for. The Callgrim Norisar Ambush is a fine example, as you get a figure, two guns, and a pair of spare heads in addition to who knows what kind of surprise goodies or art cards from the manufacturer. Making good use-- or re-use-- or re-re-reuse of the Callgrim body, this unique figure has a yellow head with pink and purple body parts. [ READ MORE ]

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New (Old) Glyos Concept Art Revealed

The always-fun posted some of the early Onell Design concepts for Pheyden this week, which predate the release of the actual toy. Otherwise, it wouldn't be concept art.

Other figures, including a large alien figure (which remind me of this guy) and other funky little dudes were shown, but here's something I found extremely interesting. And for all I know, this is what was being discussed a few weeks ago.

While labeled "Old Concepts," it ties in to some recent comments from the Onell camp indicating a new product would be of great interest to fans of the 1980s Transformers line... and dang if those guys don't look at least a little like Floro Dery's old boxy robot designs.

I would assume these are just fun old designs they're showing off for some reason but, well, I know I love to drop hints. It wouldn't stun me if these may be a sign of things to come.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Callgrim Altervoth Mimic returns, Standard Grim Squad Armodoc Gone

In case you missed it, the clear red Callgrim Altervoth Mimic has returned to the Callgrim Shop for $10. If you haven't yet scored one, Callgrim is a character design which sometimes appears in the Onell shop, but several flavors of this nifty figure have been made and this is another great entry in the series.

Also, the Standard Grim Squad Armodoc-- a great figure, I've got one here-- has since sold out. This makes the Grim Squad Reverse Armodoc, which is still available, the only Armodoc being sold in the USA right now as far as I can tell. It's $25, same as a Rig, and it's a nice piece.

Wing Rig Drop Glyos Deliveries Arriving

Assuming you made it in time, the deliveries of the August 2011 drop of Onell Design toys are starting to show up as of today. Email confirmations with tracking numbers were sent out, and as always bonus items were included. A lot of people received a Gold Govorum head, and random Bean Bots. (The Bean Bot is an earlier version of what is currently being sold as the Phaseon, with different fists and a few other alternate parts.) I got a bagged blue Bean Bot, but I saw carded ones, pink ones, and others show up.

If you missed the drop, there's not much left. Axis joints are still available, but 6 of the 7 Glyans are low stock or sold out, Xodiac and the Rig sold out immediately, and the gold Argen MK IV is almost gone. So I wouldn't dawdle, "low stock" seems to mean "you got about a week or two."

Did you get anything surprisingly good, or enough parts to make an awesome new build? Let us know!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Plays With Others: Imaginext Space Station with Glyos Gallery

Since there are no Glyos playsets, I bought a Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Station Toy Set on sale a few weeks ago to see if it indeed would do the trick. While not perfect, it's a close fit and certainly shows how the line may be close enough to work with your Onell Design action figures.

Anyway, read all about it on's Figure of the Day!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bio Jumper Concept Art at Onell Design

I assume you've seen the posts here, but Onell Design chimed in with more on the Bio Jumper figures, showing original concept drawings and a story behind their names. They "jump" (hijack) the biology of other characters. Neat! Also creepy.

The designs look really great, and for the time being these are going to be low-run pieces. (Or possibly forever, I don't know.)