Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wing Rig Drop Glyos Deliveries Arriving

Assuming you made it in time, the deliveries of the August 2011 drop of Onell Design toys are starting to show up as of today. Email confirmations with tracking numbers were sent out, and as always bonus items were included. A lot of people received a Gold Govorum head, and random Bean Bots. (The Bean Bot is an earlier version of what is currently being sold as the Phaseon, with different fists and a few other alternate parts.) I got a bagged blue Bean Bot, but I saw carded ones, pink ones, and others show up.

If you missed the drop, there's not much left. Axis joints are still available, but 6 of the 7 Glyans are low stock or sold out, Xodiac and the Rig sold out immediately, and the gold Argen MK IV is almost gone. So I wouldn't dawdle, "low stock" seems to mean "you got about a week or two."

Did you get anything surprisingly good, or enough parts to make an awesome new build? Let us know!

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