Thursday, September 15, 2011

New (Old) Glyos Concept Art Revealed

The always-fun posted some of the early Onell Design concepts for Pheyden this week, which predate the release of the actual toy. Otherwise, it wouldn't be concept art.

Other figures, including a large alien figure (which remind me of this guy) and other funky little dudes were shown, but here's something I found extremely interesting. And for all I know, this is what was being discussed a few weeks ago.

While labeled "Old Concepts," it ties in to some recent comments from the Onell camp indicating a new product would be of great interest to fans of the 1980s Transformers line... and dang if those guys don't look at least a little like Floro Dery's old boxy robot designs.

I would assume these are just fun old designs they're showing off for some reason but, well, I know I love to drop hints. It wouldn't stun me if these may be a sign of things to come.

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