Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bit Figs - Now with Pheyden, Available Now
The first 10 Bit Figs, plus a Jumbo Pheyden (and a mini one) are available from Culture Pirates in test-shot gold.    Like, right now.

Before you check out, they also have some other ones plus they sell some CDs and records from various bands with which they have an association.   I've bought a few and so far I'm quite pleased.  I ordered these buggers too because of course I would.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Outer Space Men Friday Night - Colossus Rex 2.0
They're back, again, Friday night!  In about 20 hours, you can get Colossus Rex 2.0 - the bluish variant.  Check it out on the Instagrams.

The official Outer Space Men account also teases a couple of other figures and word on them in 12 hours.  I'm all ears.   The guy to the right goes on sale Friday night at 9:00 PM Eastern.   Word has it he's $30 and if you saw the 1.0 version's going rate on eBay, $30 is quite a bargain.  (If you've followed inflation on toy manufacturing in China over the last few years, it ain't bad either.)

Anyway.  More are coming, this one's first, keep an eye on this space for more, don't ask why just buy buy buy, etc.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Meet Roxxalag, Infernicus, and Thanyr - Galaxxor Monday Night
Galaxxor is back!  Well, Roxxalag, Infernicus, and Thanyr are - and they're quite pretty.  Armed with alternate heads and fancy tampos, each vinyl figure is Glyos-compatible and $30 (plus shipping). 

They measure 5 1/2-inches tall, and can be yours if you don't forget to order them.  They go on sale at 8:00 PM Central on Monday evening.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Outer Space Men Continue - 3 new Figures by October

Crossposted from The Outer Space Men News:

The Outer Space Men are returning!  (Again!)   The last new wave of painted figures was a huge hit, with the 2 classic characters - Colossus Rex and Gamma X - selling so well that they will now cost you a lot of money.   (And that's assuming you can find them for sale.)

The fine folks behind the line are reissuing them with some improvements, along with a glow-in-the-dark Colossus Rex for the very first time. Gary Schaffer was kind enough to reach out with some details... and unrequested commentary added by yours truly.

Colossus Rex 2.0 - this will debut on the official Outer Space Men web site, and will also be sold at Star Trek Mission New York (September 2-4) and also New York Comic Con (October 6-9).  The figure is slightly closer in the rich color of the original Colorforms release 50 years ago, but includes gold - rather than purple - accessories.  

If you missed the original figure, this is a much cheaper alternative to the secondary market.  If you didn't, it's different enough that you may wish to get one anyway.

Gamma X Cosmic Radiation - This will debut at Star Trek Mission New York (September 2-4).  The original Infinity Gamma X was covered in a light layer of glowing paint, which didn't glow fairly well.   It was colored similarly to the original prototype figure, but didn't glow well.  The new Cosmic Radiation edition is cast in glow plastic and looks like it will brighten the night.   It's a worthwhile upgrade.

Colossus Rex Cosmic Radiation - The New York Comic Con exclusive for The Outer Space Men will bow October 6-9.   This mock-up shows silver detailing added to the figure with silver accessories.  (Silver accessories were previously made available with the Ni Stuff handmade Galactic Holiday 2013 figures, and also as a set from the Four Horsemen Store.)

At press time the only figure we know will be sold online is Colossus Rex 2.0 - I'll post more as updates become available.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Review: Onell Design Glyos Armorvor Cosmic Wave

Onell Design Glyos Armorvor Cosmic Wave Action FigureI need another one of these guys like I need a hole in the head, which is a feature many Glyos figures actually include. The blue Armorvor Cosmic Wave is a lot like the other Armorvor figures, but its clear blue and white deco looks more like Outer Space Men Galactic Holiday Phase figures. To a non-Glyos fan, it just looks like a holographic figure. It's neat, I like it, I bought it. [ READ THE FULL REVIEW ]

Sunday, August 7, 2016

New Albino Goliath - Mystical Warriors of the Ring
New!  Sorta!  A plain-white Albino Goliath is coming for the Mystical Warriors of the Ring line.   This one will be at Kansas City Comic Con on August 12-14 - hey, that's like real soon!   He's even painted, which is uncommon.   Thanks to Keshi Drop for the post on this one.

The post indicates another one is coming, so keep your eyes open.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

More Knights of the Slice This Week
More Knights!   The Toy Pizza Knights of the Slice are dropping 5 figures on Friday - I picked up one of these at SDCC finally, and man, it's great!  It's a 3 3/4-inch Glyos figure, more or less in the style of what made the old Kenner guys great.  I'll be reviewing one in a few weeks.

Click here for some more on the 5 guys on the Onell Design blog - and watch the Toy Pizza Store for more.  Get one.  Any one, you'll like it.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Glyos Hitting Stores - Bit Figs in Vending Machines

As you no doubt have read, SSM Vending has been distributing the new Onell Design Bit Figs, Glyos compatible figures roughly the same size as Mordles or Hasbro's Fighter Pods/Spider Pods toys.  They're about an inch each, and make excellent puppets.

Each figure comes in a capsule and will probably be either 25 or 50 cents at a machine near you.  SSM distributes to all sorts of places, and I've seen their machines at grocery stores and (unless I'm mistaken) Toys R Us stores.  I don't know if it's regional or a chain-wide deal, so I would suggest checking your local machines for the SSM branding - it should be on the graphical insert cards.  If you see it, that means you've got a good chance of possibly finding these. 

Each set includes 5 sculpts in painted and unpainted varieties - and there are some color variants.

There are two series - Ninja and Animal.  I picked up a big bag of each since the distributor was within driving distance.  Here are some comments.

Animal Series
My bag did not include a complete set - I got Pup, Bun, Duck, and Pig in painted and unpainted varieties.  My bag had unpainted Kit, but not painted Kits - rather, it had Pup in Kit colors!  What did you get in yours?

Ninja Series
My bag did not include a complete set here, either.  It appears there may be as many as 50 varieties - 5 sculpts in 5 colors, each painted or unpainted.   In my bag, Ku the Skeleton seems to be the most common sculpt, with the orange color dominating the bag.

They're small and cute, and not as rubbery as other similarly sized figures.  They fit perfectly on Glyos figure pegs by design, and make adorable puppets or peg legs.  I'd suggest dropping a buck in a vending machine if you find them.  If you order them by mail, be sure to ask for a header card with figures - each has 5 painted figures, and you'll want those.

These are notable in that they are - as far as I can tell - the first Glyos/Onell Design figures to get national distribution at big stores.   The vending machines keep the prices low, and it cracks open the door for more neat ideas.  Just a few years ago we were talking about the democratization of designer figures through a lower-price OMFG line, and now Onell Design has discovered that you can give the things away.   Collecting them all, on the other hand, may prove tricky.

I like 'em.  I don't know if I'll buy series after series of new colorways, but if we get some glow I'll buy more of these.   Heck, if you get extras it's not like Halloween isn't around the corner.  Kids still like toys, right?