Sunday, August 28, 2011

Check It Out: Unproduced Glyos Volkirun Wing Rig Prototype

In light of the various teaser shots, a lot of discussion has popped up about what people are seeing, or what they think they're seeing. A Volkirun Wing Rig test shot appeared in there and a clear shot showed up in the October Toys forums.

Like a lot of sample items, it was made in whatever color the factory happened to be using at the time, and while the first mass-release Rig was the Relgost version it's neat to see this developmental concept. Note, the Volkirun Rig wings appear to be unpainted.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

THEGODBEAST Finkerbot Image Updates

The Gus Fink/THEGODBEAST Customs collaboration Finkerbot continues to march along, as you can see there are a few of them and they come in different colors. You can click through to see them posed with (and ripping apart) hapless Gobons and Phaseons. I must say, they're turning out quite nicely!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Onell Teases Transformers-Ish Future Release in New Drop

Good news: the sale started without a hitch! The bad news: the new Rig, the gold Axis joints, and the fancier versions of the two gold figures are already gone! Update: Xodiac's gone too! Before you go any further, just go to the store and make sure you got what you wanted. After you're done with that...

This posting has the details of the new stuff, including a few details on the new releases which are up (and in some cases, sold out already.) Here's the real doozy of a quote:

"Speaking of the Rig, something kind of insane is in development for what we hope is an October release. If you like vintage Transformers then you might like what we have on deck. "

Bugwha? Color me intrigued!

Update: Also, another late-night post has a ton of concept art, including what seem to be a new figure type and some interesting (possibly water-based) alien creatures. If you're the kind of person I am, be sure to open Photoshop and whip out that "Dodge" tool.

Update #2: This turned out to be the first reveal of the Armorvor!  For those keeping track, the little guy was first "shown" here, first revealed in three dimensions at New York Comic Con 2011, and was first sold in July 2012.

Reminder: Onell Design Drop Going On Now

Assuming the terrible weather doesn't cause surprise damage to the East Coast tonight, you're just about due for the Onell Design Store August Drop with 7 Glyans, a new Argen Buildman in gold, and tons of other bits and pieces including the winged Rig and the first-ever Onell Exclusive Outer Space Men release.

We've been given an advance look at Xodiac, so check out that review here while you hit "refresh" on the store.

If you want my unsolicited advice, consider picking up a 2-pack of Crayboth figures while you order if you haven't already. While not as articulated or as versatile, they're darned neat.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Four Horsemen Redesign of Pheyden A-Coming?

In a comment for the bio for the new Xodiac came an amazing story from the Grand Poobah of Glyos, Matt Doughty. He writes:

"Eric Treadaway [of the Four Horsemen] actually gave me something at SDCC that follows in your line of thinking. I was shocked when he surprised me with a completely original take on Pheyden's noggin in fully sculpted form! We are cooking something up which will allow everyone to have a shot at this secret (not so much now) project. Pics are in the works!"

Well! Now that I'm all excited about seeing... not that the drop and everything else wasn't cool, but as we like to say: more is better! Click here for the thread that lead to the comment.

More Glyan Preview Shots from Friday's Drop plus Xodiac Pricing

In a post called The Basics, Onell Design show off a trio of new Glyan figures with their helmets. Check out black, clear, and glow-in-the-dark Glyans.

Each of these figures are $6.00 each. (Cheep!)

Also, the pricing for the Xodiac special edition figure has also been confirmed at $12.00. You can see this on an updated post from earlier this week.

Again, all these figures-- and many more-- will be on sale Friday evening.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Onell Drop Friday: Glyans, Rig, Xodiac, New Bits and Pieces

In the Onell Design blog post "Mission Details", Matt Doughty has outlined all the new goodies up for grabs Friday at 9:00 PM Eastern. Of note are Glyans (one of which is pictured, dismantled, to the left) in seven different colors, new gold Argen MK IV and Phaseon Gendrone Revolutionary, new Axis Joint sets, Gobon blasters, the works. Also really thrilling is an Onell Design Outer Space Men figure: the Xodiac Glyaxia Command Special Edition.

I'll be getting reviews up of some samples as soon as I can, so stay tuned-- it's going to be a fantastic drop!

The Complete Shopping List of New Stuff
-Glyan Relgost Marine Division - $8
-Glyan Relgost Wing Division - $8
-Glyan Esedeth Desert Assault Team - $8
-Glyan Esedeth Hostile Environment Team - $8
-Glyan Spectre Division - $6
-Glyan Classified Division - $6
-Glyan Stealth Division - $6
-Argen MK IV - $8
-Phaseon Gendrone Revolutionary - $6
Axis Joint Sets
-Relgost Marine Division Set (Seafoam Green) $4
-Relgost Wing Division Set (Grayish Blue) $4
-Esedeth Desert Assault Team Set (Sand) $4
-Esedeth Hostile Environment Team Set (Ochre Brown) $4
-Gold Metallic Set $4
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Sets
-Relgost Marine Division Set - $2
-Relgost Wing Division Set - $2
-Esedeth Desert Assault Team Set - $2
-Esedeth Hostile Environment Team Set - $2
-Gold Metallic Set - $2
Heavy Armored Rig - Relgost Wing Divison - $25
Xodiac Glyaxia Command Special Edition - TBD $12

The grand total is about $119 $131 for one of every item, not including shipping or the undetermined price of Xodiac.

1SHOT Toys He-Man Heads On Sale Now

For $8 a pop, you can get a Sky Blue or Color Changing He-Man-style Glyos head from 1SHOT Toys. Well, you could-- the blue one sold out! Check site for availability. The color-change one is limited to four so... yeah, it's probably going to be gone pretty quick. 1SHOT Toys writes:

"Do you have the POWER? You could with this Glyos Head! It's base color is neon Orange, when it gets warm it changes to neon yellow. These are very limited to 4. So add the strongest man to your Glyos collection!"

Sunday, August 21, 2011

He-Man Glyos Head Coming from 1SHOT Toys

If you've never heard of 1SHOT Toys, prepare to be dazzled! These guys designed a He-Man head mold with full Glyos compatibility, and a special run of these are going on sale at 8:30 Eastern Time Monday August 22. Pricing and quantity are unknown, but he mentioned it will have "limited color change orange to yellow" on the October Toys Forums.

Might more Masters of the Universe follow? Signs point to "probably!"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuttz Bad Luck Squadron from Argonauts Resin

Numerous parties collaborated on a new project called Bad Luck Squadron, which seems appropriate given the amount of black cats involved.

Figures are made up of new and existing parts. Pricing and a specific release date was not yet available, but as you can see there are multiple styles and according to the buzz on Twitter these seem to probably all be spoken for before the production phase is finished! Find more images and discussion here.

THEGODBEAST Bio Jumpers Package, Card Art

Nathan Newell of Dork Dimension fame has contributed some particularly slick packaging art for the upcoming Bio Jumpers toys from TheGodbeast. This posting showcases 4 character portraits plus the header card. The basic gimmick is that these are a different kind of "Glyos compatible." Rather than plug into the head socket, they fit over a figure's head.

Multiple styles are available and are quite nifty.

THEGODBEAST Finkerbot Coming to NYCC

Something new! TheGodBeast writes: "Another TGB CUSTOMS official collaboration w/ Gus Fink & Onell Design...introducing "FINKERBOTZ!" Concept by Gus Fink, sculpt/molding/production by TGB, & joints/compatibility by Onell Design." It's a nice piece!

The New York Comic Con edition is $50 and limited to 5 slots on the preview list. 5. The edition size looks to be 10-12, and you can sign up for one on the October Toys forums, or take your chances in the cold, harsh world.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bah'glenn Creations Launches New Canne'boids This Week

Another small production line is about to hit the web with Bah'glenn Creations' new Canne'boids figures, which will go on sale later this week.

No prices were given, but the small hairy run of the little guys is capped at 18. That is not a typo. These hand-painted, faux-furry creatures have hand-painted and hand-cast heads and hands, and from the other images which have been shared they seem to use the Onell Design Buildman body. Sharp!

Glyos Wing Rig Revealed

That didn't take too long! As described last night, has the scoop on the new Rig. It's a remolded item with new wings which double as guns, and Phil from the site is the inspiration for the piece.

He writes: "The origins of this new part stretch way back to June of 2010 when I visited Matt and had a chance to handle the original Rig master.[...] During that evening with Matt we chatted about how just swapping out the arms for wings would drastically change the look of the toy. Little did I realize at the time that Matt would latch onto that small snippet of our evening and create something truly amazing."

It's worth noting that this piece looks cool, is due later in August, and sports a tampo similar to a symbol on the new Glyans and Glyaxian Xodiac.

UPDATE: Now there's a post at the Glyos Transmission Web Log with more intel. Do read it!

UPDATE #2: Over the weekend of August 20, posted an additional show showing off the giant tampo symbol on the side. I'll say it again: I want this logo on a t-shirt. (Adult Medium, if you're taking notes.)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Onell Previews Glyan Deco

While preview Glyans were sold recently, Matt Doughty from Onell Design posted a sneak peek at eight flavors of the figure which presumably will be sold in the very near future.

I've got a sample of the desert one (fourth from the left) and they're really neat figures with more human, or at least human toy, proportions. Not counting the spare head or weapons, each figure is made from about 13 parts-- 12 visible body parts and a double-sided pin which can connect two "holes" quite nicely. A gun is made from three additional pieces, and two heads are included-- one of which has a painted human face.

What's more, the forums are lighting up that a post showed a new version (or new parts for) the Rig earlier this evening. (The Rig is a large, 4-piece hollow vinyl mechanical construct. It's quite nice.) The post in question has since been removed, so keep your eyes peeled for an update.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 Overstock Glyos For Sale

User datadub on the October Toys forums has something you should see! A number of presently unavailable Glyos figures in Japanese packaging are for sale, overstock from the Japanese toy store

Many of these are sold out after just a few hours on the forum, so take a look at the nifty packaging and order some while you can!

Monday, August 1, 2011

THEGODBEAST Bio Jumpers, Flocked Cast-A-Way Toys Editions Too

THEGODBEAST Customs-- and this dude makes neat stuff-- has announced orders are open for its Bio Jumpers accessories, which fit over the heads of Onell Design Glyos figures.

Each set is $50 before shipping, and looks pretty sharp.

The Bio Jumpers each have eyes inserted in the sockets, plus the dragonfly figure has wings which can be heated up and posed. (They do not seem to be articulated, however.)

If you like your toys fuzzier, Cast-A-Way Toys has flocked versions of these little bugs. No pricing has been announced yet, but hey-- you got choices!

Cast-A-Way toys does a number of Mego upgrades and additions, they say this is their first foray into the Glyos realm.