Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Four Horsemen Redesign of Pheyden A-Coming?

In a comment for the bio for the new Xodiac came an amazing story from the Grand Poobah of Glyos, Matt Doughty. He writes:

"Eric Treadaway [of the Four Horsemen] actually gave me something at SDCC that follows in your line of thinking. I was shocked when he surprised me with a completely original take on Pheyden's noggin in fully sculpted form! We are cooking something up which will allow everyone to have a shot at this secret (not so much now) project. Pics are in the works!"

Well! Now that I'm all excited about seeing... not that the drop and everything else wasn't cool, but as we like to say: more is better! Click here for the thread that lead to the comment.

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