Monday, August 1, 2011

THEGODBEAST Bio Jumpers, Flocked Cast-A-Way Toys Editions Too

THEGODBEAST Customs-- and this dude makes neat stuff-- has announced orders are open for its Bio Jumpers accessories, which fit over the heads of Onell Design Glyos figures.

Each set is $50 before shipping, and looks pretty sharp.

The Bio Jumpers each have eyes inserted in the sockets, plus the dragonfly figure has wings which can be heated up and posed. (They do not seem to be articulated, however.)

If you like your toys fuzzier, Cast-A-Way Toys has flocked versions of these little bugs. No pricing has been announced yet, but hey-- you got choices!

Cast-A-Way toys does a number of Mego upgrades and additions, they say this is their first foray into the Glyos realm.

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