Friday, October 21, 2011

New Drop Sunday: Onell Design Big Rig and Much More

It seems like we just had one, but it's time for another awesome new drop from Onell Design! The Big Rig shown in New York last week is on deck, as are new Glyans, Phaseons, and more, plus they all go up Sunday at 9 PM Eastern. Here's the menu, which is on their post, but here so I can find it easily later.

United Glyan Forces
-Glyan Glyaxia Command Elite (yellow/blue) $8
-Glyan Glyaxia Outer Battalion (blue/yellow) $8
-Glyan Strike Team White Skull (red/maroon) $8
-Glyan Rig Crew White Skull (maroon/red) $8
-Glyan Traedian Deep Hunter Division (purple/deep purple) $8
-Glyan Secticore Tracker Unit (deep purple/purple) $8

Gendrone Revolution
-Argen MK V (green metallic/orange visors with all new tampo printing) $8
-Phaseon Gendrone Revolutionary (green metallic/orange visors with all new tampo printing) $6
-Spectre Phaseon Gendrone Revolutionary (GITD green/green visors with all new tampo printing) $6
-Stealth Phaseon (clear colorless, no paint) $4

Axis Joint Sets
-Glyaxia Command Elite Set (yellow) $4
-Glyaxia Outer Battalion Set (blue) $4
-Strike Team White Skull Set (red) $4
-Rig Crew White Skull Set (maroon) $4
-Traedian Deep Hunter Division Set (purple) $4
-Secticore Tracker Unit Set (deep purple) $4
-Green Metallic Set $4

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Sets
-Strike Team White Skull (red) $2
-Rig Crew White Skull (maroon) $2
-Green Metallic $2
-Black (restock) $2
-Clear Colorless (restock) $2

-Big Rig White Skull Wing Division (white with red and black details and multiple tampo printings-configured with 6 additional red vinyl parts which also feature white and black details and tampo printing) $50
-Heavy Armored Rig White Skull Wing Division (white with red and black details and multiple tampo printings- standard Rig Wing configuration with same paint job as Big Rig) $25

Travelers and Sincroids
-White Skull Sarvos w/Scar Pheyden head (red/maroon with white face paint) $8
-Venjorun Exellis w/Govurom head (maroon/red) $8

Extra Set
-White Skull Extra Set (w/red Pheyden head, red Phanost head and red Pheyden chest and pelvis) $4

NYCC Glyos Round-Up: Some Shots at

I took a ton of shots at New York Comic Con last weekend, which was quite the experience. The Onell Design booth was a living, thriving organism which changed its guests every few hours-- check out some of what I saw from Onell, THEGODBEAST, and others you'll be reading about here very soon!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pre-Order Resin Beasts Now from THEGODBEAST

THEGODBEAST is bringing you this figure now! But it's resin, and it's not cheap. Here's what he wrote:

Have 3 levels:

#1 UV resistant urethane (clears, gitd, thermo, etc...), chest piece/head different colors from the body and fully articulated (16 pts.) @ $10 per part. ($160)

#2 Snap cure solid urethane (50% cheaper material), single color, and only 6 points of articulation (neck, waist, shoulders, and hips) @ $5 per part. ($80)

#3 Just the head ($15 ea.)

You can read all about it and sign up here, and early interest is incredibly strong!

Production in China is still up in the air and a ways off, so this could be the only shot at this figure. And it might not be. Either way, don't say we didn't warn you that you can get this one right now!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

World Debut: Glyos/Onell/TGB/Jason Frailey Animal Warrior Figure Concept

Beast ConceptOnell Design gave us a heck of a scoop! Get a first-look at this possible upcoming Glyos/TheGodBeast/Matt Doughty/Jason Frailey figure concept, which may remind you of some battling figures from the 1980s. It has excellent articulation and... well, just go look at the pictures.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: 1SHOT Toys Glyos-Compatible He-Man Thermal Color Change Head

I rarely get to say this, but here's something you've probably never seen and will never see again. One of the really cool things about the Glyos system is that it opens the world of customizing up to new and weird places. For example, this He-Man Head is not a Mattel product, but something a dude named Eric cranked out for fun and made four of. As in, literally four-- he made a similarly tiny run of blue "Faker" heads as well. Given the labor and materials, the eight bucks for a resin color-changing head is about right.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: Onell Design Glyos Crayboth Action Figures Set 2

I'm a huge sucker for 1980s-inspired toys, and the Crayboth are about as retro as you can get. These little guys feel a lot like the original Battle Beasts, minus the obvious animal influence, but with added leg articulation. Each 1 1/2-inch tall figure has four joints and, like the rest of the line, can be popped apart and you can swap the limbs any way you see fit. There are a grand total of 10 styles, 2 per set, and four of them are still available at press time. (The Glow-In-The-Dark sets are, sadly, no longer up for sale.)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Callgrim Rig Concept from Japan

The Onell Design crew are in Japan and apparently, they've been pretty busy.

From the blog: "The most shocking element of the night though, was when [Yasuhiro Nightow] whipped out an original sketch done by [Noriyuki Jinguji] that nearly made me and Jesse's heads explode. According to Nightow, Jinguji had become interested in the Rig that I had given him last September, and after analyzing it for a while, decided that Callgrim should have a Rig type vehicle as well. So he designed one."

Wow! The designer worked on Trigun, Gungrave, and other properties so that's actually super-cool on a variety of levels. Be sure to read their post!