Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Callgrim Altervoth Mimic returns, Standard Grim Squad Armodoc Gone

In case you missed it, the clear red Callgrim Altervoth Mimic has returned to the Callgrim Shop for $10. If you haven't yet scored one, Callgrim is a character design which sometimes appears in the Onell shop, but several flavors of this nifty figure have been made and this is another great entry in the series.

Also, the Standard Grim Squad Armodoc-- a great figure, I've got one here-- has since sold out. This makes the Grim Squad Reverse Armodoc, which is still available, the only Armodoc being sold in the USA right now as far as I can tell. It's $25, same as a Rig, and it's a nice piece.

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