Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Armorvor Heads: Vampire Bat

Stepping away from the house Onell Design concepts and leaping toward classic Battle Beasts, the Vampire Bat design from Jason Frailey is a gritty, mean, and cybernetic monster.

As you can see in Jason's own development blog, the character went through all sorts of design phases which sported features like a giant chin and alternate forms for the technological implants before settling on the speaker-like form you see above.   This little fellow went through quite a bit before turning into the fairly evil figure head to your right.

Like other heads in the Armorvor family, it is not scheduled for mass production at this time and your main way of getting one is through The Godbeast directly as he does the castings for these things.  (See below for one such custom example.)  For more on  how to get one, get yourself $15 and check out this thread on October Toys.

Much like classic Battle Beasts, he has elements inspired from real-world Earthy bats before grafting in the freakish robotic eye.

If you really want to see what you can do with these things-- and I mean you, a talented person who understands how paint works properly, there's a pretty slick custom on the October Toys Glyos Custom thread that I thought was worth sharing.  User Talyn took the head and applied some paint, numerous parts from Onell Design Glyos releases, and the wings from the smokey Outer Space Men Mystron action figure to create something I think I'd totally buy if it ever saw mass production.  Check it out!

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