Monday, August 6, 2012

Armorvor Heads: Meet the Wyverillians!

It's no secret, I'm pretty jazzed about the whole Armorvor concept.  Since going on sale in late July, and selling out in less time than it took for me to get lunch today, the figure has raised a lot of eyebrows by both being neat in and of itself, and being the first all-new PVC figure from Onell Design in a while.

Prior to this release, dozens of hand-cast figures and unique heads were made by The Godbeast in low runs, including the Wyverillian.  The Wyverillian male (above) is one of several concepts sculpted and molded by The Godbeast after being designed by Onell's Matt Doughty.  However, part of what makes it particularly interesting is Matt's ability to get some extra mileage out of the design by making a female version-- women being somewhat uncommon in the Glyosphere-- with what amounts to an alternate design for the back of the head.

The flipside of the Wyverellian Female head is almost as interesting as the front, sculpted with a design that looks like a back of a dragon head or, with a little paint, could be some sort of quasi-tiki mask or insectoid alien creature.  A gallery can be found here.

If you want one of these fine creations, your option is basically to ask The Godbeast to make you one.  Each head is $15 and traditionally is requested on the October Toys forums. While The Godbeast can (and does) cast bodies of the Armorvor, you may be best-served financially to just wait for Onell Design to crank out more units, and word on the street one or two may be coming up in the next month or so.   These unique heads, though, are

So there are two heads-- we've got a bunch more to go!  Or you could just look at the pictures already on The Godbeast's site, just remember there are no known plans to mass-produce these as of yet, and I assume any such plans will require a ton of whining, pleading, and money.

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