Saturday, August 11, 2012

Glyos Freebie: Metallic Blue Versirran Crayboth

I'm just guessing at the name, but Onell Design included a free metallic blue Crayboth figure in with orders arriving in homes over the last couple of days.  It comes bagged and unpainted, although the plastic brings out a wonderful amount of detail to the point where you might be left realizing you just plain don't need paint.  I'm assuming it's called Versirran Crayboth, as the matching blue Pheyden was the Versirran Pheyden.

In addition to a pink Nonilla Crayboth and, I think, a gold Govorum head-- which for all I know was an extra with an older figure-- these are three notable, seemingly wider distributed freebies.

Did I miss any?  Is there an opaque orange Crayboth out there?  Let me know!

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