Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Armorvor Heads: The Sharkavor!

 Given the similarity to Battle Beasts in form, the Armorvor was augmented with alternate heads.  After all, Glyos figures are born of a love of customizing figures, so it's no surprise The Godbeast designed and molded the super-cool Sharkavor!

Molded to look like a hammerhead shark, the figure has a fairly wide field of vision and some nice teeth on display.   The entire Armorvor customization concept really started to take off with this one, plus it reminds me a lot of the bad guys, the Rulons, from Dino-Riders.  You might recall those guys also mostly shared the same body, but featured heads similar to ants, the hammerhead shark, and other creatures.

As always, check the October Toys forums to see if the Godbeast is taking orders for new ones. These are hand-molded and are not mass-produced creations, so you're going to need to custom-order and paint your own, and if you do I pray you have some sort of skill as I feel I could only ruin it.  It just looks fantastic, and the head is about $15.

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