Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Glyos Onell Design September 5 2012 Drop Menu

As always, the Glyos September 5, 2012 Hades Drop Menu is that big strip of images on the left.  You can see a lot of stuff sold out really, really fast.   If nothing else, it's a good sign that despite being a small company, Onell Design really knows how to market its stuff to potential buyers.

19 new products were added in the top half of the store, and within an hour the Onell Design store was down to 11.  The Armorvors and Hades Pheyden went quickly, as did the other Pheyden figures, which probably lead fans to speculate that either Onell Design was caught unawares of the popularity of the figures, or rampant speculation of speculators, or you can just blame The God Beast for making too many good Glyos heads and people are itching for a supply of Armorvor bodies.   (Hey, I'd have ordered more than 3 if there wasn't a limit.  Have you seen those heads up close?  They're awesome.)

Anyway, take a look at a menu to see what you missed!

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