Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Godbeast and Jason Frailey Debut Octopus, Skeksis Armorvor Heads

 Continuing the proud tradition of super-cool custom heads for what may well be the hardest figure to acquire in 2012, The Godbeast and Jason Frailey have two new heads to gawk over.

On the left (and below) is the multi-purpose octopus head.  It has a few plug holes, so you can give it a beak, mechanical gear, and even tentacles to bring it to life.  Preorders are not yet open, but TGB promises these will be on sale in limited quantities at NYCC in a few weeks.

On the right, a Dark Crystal-inspired Skeksis head, also sculpted by Frailey.  

TGB teases additional head designs to be revealed shortly, but what?  And when?  Who the heck knows.  Start saving your money, though, because apparently there's a whole mess of cool things to buy in the Glyosverse in October.

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