Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Banimon Update: New Pics, Color Confirmations!

The Planet Banimon Blog has been updated with some more tidbits on the upcoming release of these new Glyos-compatible figures.

The REAL dirt can be found in the October Toys Forums where this was posted:
"So it's going to be two colorways total, the green you see here (exact match with the Task Force Volkriun green), plus the previously announced Apocalypse colorway. Each figure will be sold separately and have both heads and all the weapons included, so basically the contents of the entire mold. Exact launch date and details to follow....."

Is it time to start getting excited?  I do believe it is.  Each figure has guns, swords, and a Darth Vader-esque alternate head, so what's not to love?

1 comment:

  1. I thought this figure was cool when we saw the test-shots in blue, but seeing them in this army man colorway just blew my mind. I'm totally buying enough of these to get a little squad of Army-men guys. I love the short, squat design AND the fact that they're buildable too. They did a bang-up job on these, this is going to be a VERY Glyos-heavy month. It's a good thing I don't collect any other toylines anymore LoL.