Monday, September 3, 2012

Spy Monkey Creations Teases More Monkaa, Confirms Glyos Pieces

So who are Gearo?  Well, we sort of know.  Spy Monkey Creations posted a couple of chapters of a story, plus a post on the October Toys forums, explaining some of what we can expect.  The reveal should go down at PowerCon in Los Angeles, just a few weeks from now, but here's what you can expect according to the forum posts:

"The figures will be about 4"- 4.5" depending on the character. Most of them, Pheyden comes up to about their shoulder. They are bulky and chunky. Think along the lines of a Gobon for heft. Each figure with accessories is gonna round out somewhere between 25-30 Glyos compatible pieces. All PVC no vinyl..... yet."

Hey, not bad!  They're teasing more with "The Stranger's Tale" story, but well, what will it look like?  Will it be fun?  Are they going to be sized similarly to 1980s He-Man figures?   I guess we'll find out later!

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