Thursday, October 10, 2013

ToyFinity Reveals Maxx Zero Test Shot - New Glyos Figure

After some teasing, here's the first really good look any of us have really seen of Maxx Zero, a new fully Glyos-compatible figure from the new Robo Force line.

John Kent writes: "It has been a long year of work to get Maxx Zero, Hun-dred and the rest ready for their return, but the figures are ready and attendees of NYCC will have the chance to get a special preview edition of these figures. Above, see Maxx Zero himself in orange test-shot colors.  He's 100% Glyos compatible and ready for all new missions."

Also in this post, he reveals new red Mordles with black highlights.  A large, jumbo Mordle has been teased to the masses and fully revealed to Club Mordle members, and hopefully all of this fun will be up for grabs shortly.  It is unknown what this nifty Maxx Zero will cost, what the first deco will look like, and all that jazz.  He certainly looks exciting though.

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