Monday, October 28, 2013

Glyos Revenge of the Armorvors Drop Bonus - Gray Galaxy Dark Traveler Bonus Parts

I just got my packet in the mail from Onell Design and this time, I received an unannounced Gray Galaxy Dark Traveler pack of parts.  As with before, you get Lost Sincroid Army and Exellis heads plus a swell alternate belt, you lucky dog you.

Last time there were also surprised pink and purple torsos, received randomly, but given the selection this time it seems unlikely that there's more out there.  What did you get?


  1. I got two of the Gray Galaxy Dark Traveler pack of parts since I made two orders.

  2. Late to comment, but this is the same freebie that I got.

  3. Even later to the party, but I just noticed my freebies, and they are different. Got one Exellis head, the scarf that fits around the face, and a belt - but they are not clear smoke, they are all the same dark gray/pink as the "Standard Exellis" on the top row far right shown here (plus his eyes are painted white it looks like):