Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: NiStuff 481 Universe NV Subject Action Figure

NiStuff 481 Universe NV Subject Action FigureA slightly different take on his Outlander build, the NV Subject is great evidence of the creativity employed in this figure's design. The 17 parts are mostly the same as Silas, but with elements of the arms and legs swapped to give the figure a different, far more awkward look and feel. This figure does a great job illustrating the versatility of the Glyos system while dancing along the razor's edge between a great figure and a bit of a dud. It's a step to the side with a quarter-step back - good for customizers, nice for variety, but at this point it would seem collecting the entire family of production figures is not only difficult, but a little bland. Getting some, though? That's a good idea.

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