Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: Mordles Standard Edition (Yellow) Mini-Figures

ToyFinity Mordles Standard Edition (Yellow) Mini-FiguresMeet your new favorite toy of the week! If you aren't a member of Club Mordle, the Mordles Standard Edition (Yellow) Mini-Figures go on sale Friday. The idea here is that these are newly-made figures based on the food for Rocks & Bugs & Things toys, which are pretty uncommon as toys go and the little figures are frequently missing. They're nifty 1980s-style figures and the price-per-figure is quite good. And this set even has an egg with it, and I can tell you that all 20 launch Mordles fit in it just fine for easy storage. Oh, and they have names!

As the other half of the launch products from ToyFinity, a new toy company run by a few fans and collectors you might have met, they join their blue siblings as a collectible mini figure, or as replacements for your Rocks & Bugs & Things toys. (Me, I've been trying to chase down a decent Rock or Bug for a good price since like February.)

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