Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Onell Design Friday Drop Mission Details

There's a lot of newness, oldness, and in between-ness scheduled for Friday's launch!  Onell Design posted Mission Details (see below for the menu or click here to read it) showing things like the Ivorinium Pheyden (left) new "Source Pheyden" figures without the panel lines, new Crayboth, a surprise new Armorvor, and a few other unannounced goodies.

The return of the Buildstation should mean more items permanently in stock, or at least in stock for more than 20 minutes.  The Onell Design store is down to a 8 items, so the influx of newness should prove exciting for collectors and welcoming to newcomers.

The list from Onell Design (if you haven't already seen it, and duplicated here for future reference) is as follows:

Buildstation: Stealth (Clear Colorless/No Paint)

Traveler -Stealth Pheyden MK III (with painted eyes and scarf) $8

Glyan -Stealth MK II $6

Buildman -Stealth MK II $6

Phaseon -Stealth MK II $4

Crayboth -Stealth  MK II $3

Armorvor  -Stealth MK III $8

Swing Joint Set -Stealth $3
Hub Set -Stealth $4

Axis Joint Set -Stealth $3

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Stealth $2

Standard Pheyden MK IV (Light Blue/Grey with Grey eyes and Grey detail lines) $8
Reverse Pheyden MK II (Grey/Light Blue with Pink eyes and Grey detail lines) $8

Source Pheyden (Light Blue with Grey eyes) $8
Source Reverse Pheyden (Grey with Pink eyes) $8
Ivorinium Pheyden (White Pearlescent with Blue eyes) $8

Armorvor -????? $8

Crayboth -Standard MK II (Light Orange with painted Pink accents and Pink detail lines) $4
Crayboth -Traveler Hybrid (Light Blue with painted Grey accents and Grey detail lines) $4


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