Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: ToyFinity Mordles Crawler (Blue) Mini-Figures

ToyFinity Mordles Crawler (Blue) Mini-Figures
Enthusiasm is infectious. I knew very little about Mordles from Rocks and Bugs and Things before corresponding with its current home under ToyFinity, with fan John Kent getting his claws in Ideal's 1985 toy line. Let me tell you, it's impossible to talk to this guy without his excitement rubbing off on anyone within earshot. In the new line, Mordles are the star attraction rather than as the victims of larger transforming carnivorous rocks and bugs. On their own, they're surprisingly fun! I never had a chance to play with them until these samples showed up last week, and I'm digging them.

ToyFinity Mordles Crawler (Blue) Mini-FiguresThe first batch has yellow with blue paint and blue with yellow paint. For the sake of this review, we're looking at the Mordles Crawler (Blue) Mini-Figures and we'll take an extended look at yellow in a week or two. They look like angry or possibly depressed little buggers and are scaled perfectly to menace Glyos figures like Callgrim or The Outer Space Men and like those lines. When you get one in your hands, the clean little guys have zero copyright markings, dates, or other identifying characteristics - with Mordles, you know them or you don't. Each one measures just under an inch high to just under 1.125-inches high and has no articulation, but it's not like they'd really benefit from articulation at this size. They stand perfectly and balance really, really well.

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