Tuesday, April 9, 2013

C2E2 Exclusive Infection Armorvor by The Godbeast

If you're in Chicago later this month for C2E2, you're going to want to get this TGB Customs 2013 C2E2 Exclusive Glyos Armorvor Infection action figure.  Holy crap, I want one of these.  The trading card art is by Nathan Newell, and are limited to 3 per customer.  They're a cheap $10 per, so be sure to grab one and/or send your good friend to get one for you.  It looks like some hand-cast heads of other creatures will be on hand as well, and as you know we're quite fond of those too.


They'll be at Nerd City booth #967.  You can read more at the TGB Customs Blog.   (You can also buy an extra one for me. Just saying.  I'd do it for you.  Probably.)

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