Saturday, April 27, 2013

Glyos Drop Arrivals (And Freebies) - April 2013

This time around, the cool people behind Onell Design tossed in a clear red Infection Crayboth (name unofficial) in some/most/all of the orders!
This figure matches the Infection Exellis and Infection Armorvor (and presumably previously-released Infection Echomorph), and it's pretty swell!   If you have any requests for reviews let me know, I'll try to get something from this drop up this week... possibly Swing Joints although that may require more time futzing with them to do a decent write-up. (They're still in the bags, my mail just got here.)

There was no sign of a grey Pheyden torso, a grey classic Pheyden head, or a grey scarf - if you found one of these in your order, please send a pic and let us know! We'd love to share it with the rest of the class.

The other arrivals all look fantastic.  Still available is the Reydurran Operations Unit Mini Blocker Rig, which I can tell you is slightly more stunning in person than in the pictures.  If you think you might regret not buying one, go ahead and snag it.  You have my permission.  It's worth it.

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