Saturday, April 20, 2013

Banimon Boston Comic Con Exclusives?

The blog over at Planet Banimon has an interesting (and actually somewhat disturbing) message.  The short version: who of you is near enough to Boston to let us know what we're missing?  Boris writes:

"[Banimon] are getting ready for the Boston Comic Con this weekend. We don't have our booth number as of right now, but we do know that a few old friends will be stopping by: Jesse Moore, PJ Bartlett, Dr Rampageo and possibly another surprise visitor or two. There WILL BE some con exclusives, stuff that WILL NOT be part of our upcoming drop. Hope to see you all there."

No pictures or hints were given, but oof, we are not close to Boston.  If you're out there, buy an extra of... whatever it is for your online buddies, whoever they may be. They will thank you, I'm sure.

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