Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Revealed: Glyos Swing Joints from Onell Design

First teased about four months ago, Onell Design revealed its Swing Joints today with a pair of new postings.  One, a silhouette of a Glyan with the joints which we heavily lightened to see that the figure seems to be black or purple plastic with a reddish visor and swing joints in both the arms and legs.  It's pretty swell.

The other posting shows test shots of the pieces in green plastic, giving us a pretty clear look at what these things are.

Onell Design has yet to reveal how these will be sold, be it part of a figure or as an upgrade kit (or perhaps even both).  It expands the range of movement of these guys quite a bit, but also pushes them away from the very retro roots toward... well, even more retro roots given that Micronauts had this kind of movement.  It should be an exciting release!

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