Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review: Maxx Zero Basic Edition from Robo Force

ToyFinity Robo Force Basic Edition Action FigureThe Maxx Zero Basic Edition is the Robo Force figure I had pictured when I first heard that this license got picked up. Now that the figure has decorated eyes an a colorful chest panel, he really comes to life - but he also has black tube arms, painted tire treads, and a few blue highlights. It's not as much paint as the Ultimate Edition at twice the price, but that's OK - I wanted to not spend twice the price and I'm happy with this tubby little guy. The 3-inch action figure is solid, heavy, and ultimately satisfying in a way that may hurt sales of future products - it's hard to imagine a better take on this mold. I'm sure they'll manage, but it's so impressive that I totally dig it.

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