Saturday, January 31, 2015

Club Zeton - The Robo Force Fan Club
UPDATE: Live now! Click here to sign up.

If you love Robo Force, you need to go read up on Club Zeton.  This is the new Robo Force Fan Club from Toyfinity.

There's a big post about it, but here are the notes:
- It's $75.00
- 100 subscribers are needed to make it happen
- You get at least 2 exclusive figures for that $75
- You get first crack at all figures, plus the option to get your Ultimate Editions with (or without) detail lines as an exclusive club perk
- Also upgrade stickers, membership cards, discounts on unpainted figures, and other stuff

It comes with a ton of stuff which for $75 seems to be about right.  Test shots of new figures tend to go for a lot more, so go give it a look!

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