Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sucklord Fans Note: Exclusive Glyos

If you like Sucklord Glyos releases (and who doesn't?) you should take note of the Galactic Jerk Bags exclusive "Interplanetary Bromance" coming soon.  No prices or date yet, but we do have some details, which are also on the site here.

"Each figure is hand dyed and hand painted. This is a collaborative piece and will be very different from the last exclusive, the Karate Chumps. Those were made via special order by Sucklord himself and ended up being sold out. This exclusive will be sold directly here on the site and will be limited to 21 hand numbered pieces!"

Oh wait.... 21?  Now is a good time to give up hope.  But hey, someone will get lucky!  (Probably not me though.  I am not a lucky duckling.)

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