Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Glyos Noboto in 2013?

One can hope!  A wonderful deluge of postings at the Glyos Transmissions Web Log have revealed several mechanicals (or coloring book pages) as well as insights into aborted, shelved, or long-in-development projects like the nifty Noboto.

If you really dig through their archives, you'll find that this post with a Noboto sculpt was posted in December 2007 and (at press time) wasn't even tagged, so if you go digging for Noboto dirt you might miss this one.

If you squint, you can see lots of other items in the photo which are suspected to be hints at other possible upcoming items.  You can see what seems to be a new limb with a hinge joint (a first for Onell Design), a Ruger head on a Glyan body, what seems to be a green clear Callgrim with a shoulder tampo, and a head from the Lost Sincroid Army.  Is this significant?  Will it mean cool new things are due very soon?  I have no idea.

For those keeping track of such things, the Armorvor was first teased in a similar post as a drawing in August of 2011.  A 3D casting was first shown at New York Comic Con in October of 2011.  The first release was August of 2012.

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