Sunday, January 27, 2013

Robo Force, Rocks and Bugs and Things Returning to Toy-Dom

John "Doctor Kent" Kent has picked up not one, but two toy licenses!  Tied to, the new (old) lines are Robo Force and Rocks and Bugs and Things, which are a pair of licenses that definitely qualify as obscure 1980s toys.   The original toys were made by Ideal.

Mr. Kent made the announcement on the Moderately Geeky Podcast last week.  So naturally I annoyed him with some emails.  He said (and I quote) "Robo Force is DEFINITELY Glyos-compatible."  So there's that. 

Rocks and Bugs and Things does not seem to have that kind of detail known yet, but looking at the original toys it seems that the transforming toys may not necessarily lend themselves to that kind of a design as easily.  So if there's more word on either of these licenses and any Glyos compatibility, you'll hear more here.  Or somewhere else, and we'll link to it here.

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