Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coming Soon - Hungry Hungry Armrorvors

The HHH Glyos Custom Blind Bag is a collaboration between the hugely prolific Ersico, the talented 1Shot Toys, and of course, Onell Design in that it's their figure being customized.  Each figure is $40.  They say:
This Glyos Custom figure is based off of the Hungry Hungry Hippo table-top game.
Base figure is a Glyos Armorvor with a hand sculpted and cast hippo head by 1Shot Toys and painted by Ersico

Each figure is uniquely hand painted with acrylics and clear coated for protection, light play is ok, but remember these are custom peices and should be treated with love :)
As Shown in the picture the colors are pink, orange,green and yellow

Read more at their page!

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