Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Review: Onell Design Glyos Phaseon Renegade Hybrid Caliber

http://www.16bit.com/fotd/200331-glyos-phaseon-renegade-silver.shtmlI got a lot of Glyos figures. I don't need more of them - but the Onell Design crew finds interesting ways to make multiple purchases interesting. This Phaseon Renegade Hybrid Caliber takes the very early odd ball Beanbot mold - which was tweaked to be a Phaseon - and transforms it yet again with parts from Phase Arm upgrade sets, a newly-tooled head, plus a new cloth cape which was also used with the Onell Design Glyos Gobon Renegade Hunter [FOTD #2,127] and a few other figures. The new head and cloth piece were designed to work in multiple configurations on multiple bodies, which is sort of the entire brilliance of this whole line. One small piece can give you a handful of new build options.

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