Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Review: Toy Pizza Zoner Capsule Silver Vehicle Mode

When the pre-order went live for the Zoner Capsule Silver Vehicle Mode I figured it'd be a good purchase - and then forgot I ordered it. The previous Regen Capsule [FOTD #2,114] was a nifty nod to things like the Micronauts Pharoid and the C-3PO carry case, but the new one goes a bit farther. You can open it at the hinged joint to store a figure, or lay it on its belly for a vehicle mode. There's more going on here - it hints at moai styling while also recalling bits and pieces of vehicles like the Batmobile. There's a lot going on here - including a fully-detailed interior with a monitor and various buttons that are clearly modeled after the Kenner Power Droid "face" of old. The two-mode toy owes a lot to Mattel's Hot Wheels Zombot [FOTD #803] - it can be two things, depending on how you orient it on your shelf. This is a toy for toy fans.

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