Thursday, September 15, 2016

Review: Bit Figs Mega Bit Pheyden Trophy Set

Bit Figs Mega Bit Pheyden Trophy Set Mini FigureWhen I saw the first Bit Figs showing up on social media, I thought "Those are neat, but I'm sticking to this whole 'don't buy made-on-demand' kick." I already live in sort of a black hole of toy purchases. When I saw a plastic made-in-a-factory Mega Bit Pheyden Trophy Set was on sale - $10 for 2 figures, no less - I pounced. I love weird pixel things, and I love Glyos, so it's a good mix. (So far I've skipped Minecraft because boy howdy those things are pricey.) With a 2 3/4-inch and a 1-inch figure, made of 4 total chunks of plastic, I figured I should give these a whirl.

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