Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: Seth Longmire Custom Glyos Glyan Squad Verihex Action Figure

Seth Longmire Custom Glyos Glyan Squad Verihex Action FigureWelcome to day #600! Let's look at the Glyan Squad Verihex figure, which is an edition size of (I believe) five. In a series of back-and-forthings and trades, this nifty release found its way into my toy shelves and stands next to my other Glyos figures. The creator's blog is here if you want to read that. The creator has done numerous Glyos customs, including a matching Armodoc and several light-up pieces. Neat stuff. If you have the chance, grab one. Matt Doughty's Glyos line is unique in that it's super-limited and a big chunk of it is sacrificed to provide the canvas to the creativity of others, which is what makes some of these guys even more special. Something ceased to be so that this nifty figure could happen.

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