Thursday, February 14, 2013

Glyos Drop Arrivals (And Freebies)

They're here!  The latest Onell Design Glyos drop sold out pretty quickly, and as luck would have it there were unique bonuses in the shipping boxes!  A White Pheyden Head, Torso, and Scarf were included in one baggie, while an all-white unpainted Crayboth was in another.  Great custom fodder on both accounts, hopefully the company will do another run of plain white Crayboth for those looking to do some DIY deco on these.

It's also worth noting that Syclowave is pretty awesome, and does not include an alternate classic Armodoc head.  The last issue had both Armodoc heads, so this Shockwave-inspired creation is a little different.

As far as I know, there were no other surprises... I'll be opening the bags over the coming day(s) and posting reviews as time permits!  Everything looks great, as always.

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