Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Review: Onell Design Glyos Gobon Renegade Hunter

Onell Design Glyos Gobon Renegade Hunter Action FigureI'm kind of amazed that the Gobon Renegade Hunter exists as a production figure. Custom Corps figures were shown in 2010 - it seemed almost unthinkable that one would actually get mass-produced for all of us, and here we are. For "existing figure with new parts," this upgraded Gobon is a pretty good deal. I have had this mold in other colors for a while and reissuing silver totally makes sense. (I would also like to see more clear ones.) The construction is the same as it ever was, with removable feet, hands, arms, legs, a 3-piece body, and 2 heads... plus a bonus head this time. You have five faces from which to choose with this release, meaning if you only buy one Gobon mold it may as well be this one.

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