Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Review: Onell Design Glyos Pheyden Frontier MKII

Onell Design Glyos Pheyden Frontier MKII Action FigureThe hero with many faces gets another face with Pheyden Frontier MKII. It's a pretty simple figure with extra deco - it's a Pheyden molded in white with thick paint on the legs, hands, and arms to replicate the molded plastic of the original figure that sold out ages ago. He doesn't have spare heads or anything, but it's a nice one nonetheless. It looks cool, which is a reason to buy it - the Onell Design crew came up with tons of great colorways back when they started, so it's nice to see them brought back for the newcomers or those who lacked the foresight to pick it up 8 years ago. 

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