Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review: October Toys Skeleton Warriors Bone Titan Skeleton Action Figure

October Toys Skeleton Warriors Bone Titan Skeleton Action FigureI'm a fan of October Toys. They host the Glyos forum, and put good stuff out - it's one of the few companies where I feel a strong need to try anything they make because, generally speaking, it's good, cheap, and the outfit is run by nice people. I was totally OK waiting a few extra months for the Bone Titan Skeleton, a 5-inch super-articulated figure created, I assume, to share tooling with Baron Dark in order to get a little more bang for the tooling buck. I did the Kickstarter to get the Baron, this Skeleton, the glow version, and a Skeleden - and that seemed like enough. I now regret skipping the clear blue one, because the Titan Skeleton mold is quite good and because these were intended to be scaled to 3 3/4-inch figures, it's the perfect nemesis to the Jakks Pacific Link figure from the Zelda games as well as other fantasy lines in this scale. Which I am now blanking on, I'm sure there must be another one - but hey, it's a good fake Stalfos.

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