Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review: RealxHead Stryker Lock Mohawk

RealxHead Stryker Lock Mohawk Vinyl FigureHaving been following Glyos lightly since shortly after its inception and paying close-ish attention since 2010, I know RealxHead products don't come up much. Mori is a guy who makes low-run, hand-painted and assembled vinyl figures in tiny batches sold mostly through actual physical stores. This means you most likely aren't going to get them. The runs he does are small, and based on the numbers I saw in the carts on launch day Stryker Lock Mohawk sold through in under two minutes. You could still add units to your cart for somewhere under 120 seconds, and that's it - when I checked inventory it was down to double digits quite quickly, which prompted an announcement for a possible fourth run. (This would be the second US shot at the figures.) These products come and go quickly, and their hand-made low-run nature inspires the awed, hushed tones that make them something of the toy equivalent of cryptozoology.

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