Friday, November 29, 2019

Glyos Black Friday 2019 Round-Up

In addition to the Bluestar Outer Space Men, quite a few new Glyos figures are up for ordering.

The painted $25 Shadow Raider is already sold out, but the green $20 Chlorophyll Raider is still available. The legend is the Healey Made team contacted an old Kenner sculptor to make a wholly new character for you sci-fi 3 3/4-inch toy fans.  Click here to check the store for availability.  Other than a blue proto version which sold quickly, these may be some of the first painted releases.

Over at The Yetee, Chakan the Forever Man - Black Friday version is up.  He's $22.  Click here for the store, which also has Gradius records and some other gems I didn't know about until recently.

Toy Pizza has some Thanksgiving (D-Con) leftovers! If you missed recent releases and convention exclusives, now is the time to check out their shop.

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