Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Review: Banimon Red Army T-011 Bunkerbuster Tank Vehicle

Banimon Red Army T-011 Bunkerbuster Tank VehicleI missed the first drop for the yellow one, so I was happy to see that the swell Red Army T-011 Bunkerbuster Tank didn't sell out immediately. I'm sure the price had something to do with it - $30 is on the high end of these smaller vinyl items, even if it has a lot of paint, stickers, and options. It's also the first toy I've bought in ages that actually was designed to make good use of all those extra Glyos heads you've been storing in boxes for the last few years. It's quite versatile and as it can fit most Glyos figures, heads, or even 3 3/4-inch action figures, it's easily the best Glyos-compatible vehicle to date. If you're a toy collector and you also like Glyos, this (or a subsequent recolor) is an essential purchase.

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