Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review: Onell Design Glyos Armorvor Infection Action Figure

Onell Design Glyos Armorvor Infection Action FigureThere's a prolific sculptor, molder, and maker of toys known as "TheGodBeast" who is best known for making very small runs of very impressive things. He's prototyped numerous designer toys, created fully-realized figures based on sketches from years earlier, and lately he's become particularly well-known in Glyos circles with custom heads and other parts. The Armorvor Infection has some nifty history behind it. Mr. Beast (also known as Marty Hansen) worked on the creation of this mold as the molder, with Jason Frailey having sculpted it and Matt Doughty having designed it. The "Infection" color has been used for numerous special-edition figures in the past as well as hand-cast resin pieces, plus the red just happens to match clear red Outer Space Men figures and a pair of recently released figures at Onell Design: a Crayboth, and an Exellis. Wow, that's a lot of exposition.

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