Saturday, December 22, 2012

Freebie: Gold Crayboth Glyos Figure

 During the last shipment of Glyos figures, fans may have been treated to unique premium freebie items.  One of which that many people have reported getting is this Gold Crayboth which I'm calling the "Crayboth Urballim" until someone corrects me.  As far as I know most if not all orders got one.  He's awesome.  I love Crayboth figures.

You may have also received a partial pink extra set, with a Pheyden head torso.  It is gorgeous.  I hope you did.  I also hope Onell Design gives some thought to selling arm/leg packs in 2013.  I'm crossing my fingers!


  1. Hey did you know there was also a freebie set with switch pins and a scarf I recieved that with the freebie pink extra set but I didn't recieve the gold crayboth.

    1. I didn't know htose shipped with this drop! Good to know! I got one of those packets in the Hades drop a few months ago. Good find!

    2. Yeah it's pretty funny because with my order I ordered the Neo Legion Extra set and that didn't make it into the box Matt shipped to me. So Matt shipped that extra set to me along with the gold crayboth! That was awesome!