Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Maxx and Mordle Update at ToyFinity
If you pre-ordered a ToyFinity Maxx Zero, you'll want to read this update: "New Mordles page! Maxx pre-order update! Happy Anniversary Robo Force cartoon! And more... "

The long and short of it: your figures are being tweaked so now they're due around January.  If you like inside toy dirt baseball, he also does a great job of explaining why paint bonding to paint is bad, which you have possibly also just read about over at the Four Horsemen's pages.  Their Ravens figures (shipping now) are shipping with a disclaimer over heating their joints before use - I usually use boiling water in these circumstances - to avoid breakage.   It's funny to see how and why these things happen, and how various companies treat the problems.  If nothing else, now you know the why, and the how to fix it if you didn't already!

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