Monday, December 9, 2013

Ecroyex Initiative Glyos Drop Bonus: Heads, Belts, More

Everybody is getting a mix of freebies from the last Onell Design Glyos Drop a couple of weeks back., from bonus figures to packets of parts.  What I got are light blue, dark blue, and black head & belt sets.  What did you get?  Let us know in the comments!
Lost Sincroid Army, Elder Exellis, and Dark Traveler heads are included as is are scarves and Dark Traveler belts.  It's a great mix of stuff, and I'll add reviews of the new Nobotos, Gobon, Armorvor, Syclodoc, and more as soon as time and scheduling permits.


  1. Received the blue Exellis/Sincroid/belt set you did, plus an all-white set (Strellevin head w/blue eyes, scarf, belt).

    1. Same here, I really appreciate the extras they throw in.